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Her and Her

October 9, 2017

I designed the save the date card for a coworker of mine a few years ago. Maybe I can expand the set and try to sell it on Etsy or Amazon Handmade.

Kettlecorn Barrels for PKC

October 6, 2017

Still in the works. The initial design was meant to go on clear sticker labels. After filling the container with kettle corn, I realized that it wasn’t going to work unless we went for a 5th color (white) which was going to cost more to print. Just in case it doesn’t fall under the printing budget, I came up with the round design for simpler production.

Detalye Unlimited

May 3, 2017

I shot this for a friend who started her own clothing line (Detalye Unlimited). The shots were mostly done just at the house and around Corinthians.

Alon Photoshoot

April 3, 2017

My very first fashion shoot at Tali Beach, Batangas – Philippines. I didn’t have any of my equipment with me besides my Nikon D700 and a 1.4 50mm prime lens. Not too shabby for a first try.

Earth Organics

March 23, 2017

Playing around with a few ideas for the farm we want to put up. Unfortunately, the name didn’t get voted in. I prefer this one over the name we have now but it’ll do for now.

Liang Frank King

March 23, 2017

This logo was designed for a Law Firm based in New York City.

Dinnerware and Food

January 28, 2016

These photos were shot for Tuxton’s website and catalog. On top of styling all these, I made the baked eggs and smoked salmon small bites myself!