The Quarantine Sourdough Bread

May 26, 2020

Baking was never really something I thought I’d be interested in. All the tedious measuring, waiting and cleaning you have to do for a simple loaf of bread you can easily buy freshly baked at Wholefoods. Why go though all the trouble? The answer to that question would be – Why not, given all the time I have during shelter in place. I felt like I had to try or learn something new before life goes back to normal. It was my only chance!

I remember eating at a 3 Michelin star restaurant in Oakland a few years back and the only unforgettable thing I had was the sourdough bread. The crust tasted like dark roasted coffee with caramel and butter while the inside warm, soft and airy to the bite. Will I ever be able to replicate that same experience? Maybe? Possible? It’s worth the shot. I start with this beginner’s recipe that was highly recommended by a few seasoned baker friends of mine.

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