The Quarantine Sourdough Bread

May 26, 2020

Baking has never really piqued my interest before. The tedious measuring, waiting, and cleaning required for a simple loaf of bread that can be easily purchased freshly baked at Wholefoods seemed like too much trouble. However, with all the time available during shelter-in-place, I decided to try or learn something new before life returns to normal. It was my only chance!

A few years ago, while dining at a 3 Michelin star restaurant in Oakland, I tasted the most unforgettable sourdough bread. The crust had a rich, dark roasted coffee flavor, with notes of caramel and butter, while the inside was soft, warm, and airy. The memory of that bread inspired me to attempt to recreate the experience. Will I be successful in replicating it? It’s possible, and it’s definitely worth a try. I started with a beginner’s recipe that was highly recommended by some of my seasoned baker friends.

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